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What's an earbee?

It's a simple hand-held sound recorder and playback unit. Earbees come in a set of thirteen. They record and playback up to a minute of looped, reasonably high-quality sound, and anyone, kid or adult, can figure out how to use them in a matter of minutes.

What do people do with them?

They think of things to do with them. The earbees were invented as a device for playing sound and word games, they've been used in sound compositions, plays, dances, installations, and along trails (see video).

They're really good with a group of people. After a few warm-up exercises to make everyone aware of the pleasures of a loop, the sound, word, phrasing, and rhythmic possibilies inherent in thirteen different sound sources ... there are sure to be some ideas.

"earbees video " (2003)